About Us

Our Approach

Our aim is to meet or exceed customers’ expectations of Covers 33 as a company and the products we sell by providing:

The highest quality accessories, packaging and cases for vinyl records, CDs and DVDs.

Delivering to our Brand values means Covers 33 products should be well made, functional, safe and free from harmful chemicals sourced and produced responsibly.  We are committed to ensuring no-one should be harmed when our products are being made or whilst they are being used.  Through these values, we work to attract, retain and develop relationships with our customers to build their trust and confidence in our reputation for quality, price and service.

Our priorities are to ensure:

  • The quality of our products
  • Our products are safe and fit for their intended purpose
  • All products are packed to avoid any damage in transit
  • Our products are sourced in a responsible manner

Covers 33 are committed to operating a responsible and successful business.  We aim to provide a high level of service to all our customers to welcome them to Covers 33, whether they wander through the reception doors, call us, talk to us online or see us at a market fair.  However our customers choose to shop with us, it must be safe, welcoming and easily accessible for all.

Customer Service

Covers 33 understands the importance of creating and maintaining good relationships with our customers, by ensuring we offer the product choice, value and service they expect from us.  This means continually developing how customers are able to shop with us, whether over the phone, at a market fair, or placing an order online.  It is also important to us that each enquiry or issue is resolved for the customer.  Satisfactory resolution of all customer contacts is a business priority for Covers 33.