The 5 most overlooked albums of all time

All record collectors love a rare vinyl. But what about the songs and albums that aren’t necessarily rare but unsung heroes of the time and are falling under the radar? Records that should have been smash hits but instead barely broke the surface?

Covers33 origins story

We’ve been selling vinyl protection products since 1975, when Barry had his first vinyl protection sleeve made for his vinyl market stock. Sara, in our office, caught up with Barry to find out how it all started and the eureka moment that sparked 30 years of successful business. So, how did you get into the…
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Why vinyl produces better sound than CD

There are streams of articles online comparing vinyl records and CDs. But whether you’re a vinyl lover or a CD obsessive, vinyl will always rule the roost. To understand why vinyl records are better quality than CDs, we first need to delve into the world of analogue and the origins of sound. It all boils…
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